Martin Langhoff wrote:
Hi Florian,

I am right now running an rsync of the Pg CVS repo to my work machine to
get a git import underway. I'm rather keen on seeing your cool PITR Pg
project go well and I have some git+cvs fu I can apply here (being one
of the git-cvsimport maintainers) ;-)
Cool - I'm new to git, so I really appreciate any help that I can get.

For the kind of work you'll be doing (writing patches that you'll want
to be rebasing onto the latest HEAD for merging later) git is probably
the best tool. That's what I use it for... tracking my experimental /
custom branches of projects that use CVS or SVN :-)
Thats how I figured I'd work - though I don't yet understand what
the advantage of "rebase" is over "merge".

Currently, I've setup a git repo that pulls in the changes from the SVN
repo, and pushed them to my main soc git repo. On that main repo I have
two branches, master and pgsql-head, and I call "cg-merge pgsql-head"
if I want to merge with CVS HEAD.

Initially, I'll post it on and I can run a
daily import for you - once that's in place you can probably get a repo
with your work on
Having a git mirror of the pgsql CVS would be great.
BTW, I've just check out, and noticed that there is already a
git mirror of the pgsql CVS:

greetings + thanks
Florian Pflug

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