> As an example, how is patch information going to help us review HOT or
> group-item-index?  There is frankly more information about these in the
> archives than someone could reasonable read.  What someone needs is a
> summary of where we are now on the patches, and lots of time.

The idea is to provide ways for other people to help where they can and to 
provide better feedback to patch submitters so that they fix their own issues 
faster.  Also, lesser PostgreSQL hackers than you could take on reviewing the 
"small" patches, leaving you to devote all of your attention to the "big" 

Actually, that can happen with the current system. The real blocker there is 
that some people, particularly Tom, work so fast that there's no chance for a 
new reviewer to tackle the easy stuff.  Maybe the real solution is to 
encourage some of our other contributors to get their feet wet with easy 
patches so that they can help with the big ones later on?

That is, if the problem is people and not tools, then what are we doing to 
train up the people we need?

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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