Bruce Momjian wrote:
Oleg Bartunov wrote:
This is a good example of how developers can get frustrated.  Pushing a
patch to 8.4 that was completed before 8.3 feature freeze is guaranteed
to add to that --- and if we lose our developers, we might as well shut
down the PostgreSQL project.

Let's not call the sky falling just yet. We are doing what we can. There are several sub projects afoot trying to eliminate some of this pain. If you recall, Lukas and I both spent time before feature freeze helping keep people in communication.

Secondly and although you aren't 100% on board, there is also the tracker project.

Lastly, more people are starting to review code. Even people that can't code are starting to at least participate in testing features.

One good thing is that we have community discussion this now, so at
least we are focusing on it.

Agreed, but it certainly is not a critical mass problem either. We are starting to bounce off the wall, and are starting to take a step back to reflect what size ladder or rope we need to get over it.

Joshua D. Drake

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