Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Bruce Momjian wrote:
Stefan Kaltenbrunner wrote:
PL/PSM, link wrong (goes to guc temp_tablespaces). This can certainly be
developed outside of core. Don't get me wrong I like the feature but it
can take advantage of facilities outside of core.
url fixed - I wonder why we had so much of them and all those pointing
to the patch list bruce maintains - are the urls to the mails there not
stable somehow ?
Yep, the URLs are unstable.  I am using mhonarc and regenerate the page
when the patches mbox file changes.  When I append to the mailbox, the
URLs don't change, but when I delete, they do.

Does anyone know a way to make those URLs stable?

Does it matter?  I assume that we should not consider pgpatches to be a
stable source anyway ... those emails are there just as a reminder for
short-lived information anyway, so why bother?

Yeah let's just source archives, the urls are reasonable stable there.

Joshua D. Drake

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