Bruce Momjian wrote:
Joshua D. Drake wrote:

One good thing is that we have community discussion this now, so at
least we are focusing on it.

Agreed, but it certainly is not a critical mass problem either. We are starting to bounce off the wall, and are starting to take a step back to reflect what size ladder or rope we need to get over it.

Right.  I just don't want a short-term solution (push patches for 8.4)
that avoids a long-term analysis.

Lots of people complained we didn't have a patches status page.  Someone
has done that and it is current, but it is not moving us forward fast

What is our next move, or do we just keep moving and settle on August?

Well I think what you said about reviewing my list versus Tom's triage is a good start. If there are things we can push, let's push them. Plus based on this conversation I think we need reviewers to step up and say... "Hey! this is where I am at...".


Joshua D. Drake

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