Jim C. Nasby wrote:
On Wed, May 16, 2007 at 04:34:56PM +0100, Dave Page wrote:
How much visibility do we have into the mhonarc database? We should be
able to come up with a simple redirector that would point the old
mhonarc URLs to URLs for the new system...
And here I thought the reason we used tho POS was because it was the
only archiver that used PostgreSQL as it's backend...

You're thinking of the old search engine.

It's a file system. It simply generates HTML (or in our case) PHP files from each message in an mbox. That's one of the reasons for the monthly break - without it, the directories would be unusably full of files.

I the current URLs represent the month, and the ID of the message as it comes out of the mbox I believe. We could probably write a script to dump a list of message IDs, directories and mbox positions I imagine, and then import that into a new database.
Yeah, if the files still resemble real emails then we can probably come
up with a way to pull the data in.

We have all the mbox files, so we can import them from there as raw messages.

It's been on my list to rewrite the whole archive system for a while for various reasons. There is quite a bit of crossover with the patch tracker I proposed so I was hoping to look at both together.

Let me know when you start on that...



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