On Wed, 25 Jul 2007, Gavin M. Roy wrote:

Ubuntu server?  Slackware?  Not a fan of Centos, RHEL or Fedora...

Unless you did a custom intall, using Ubuntu server would expose the people using your server to the quirks of how the Debian packages for PostgreSQL differ from other Linux distributions. I'm not sure whether that would be a good (shine some light on that underdocumented area) or bad (get in people's way) thing. The way they make it easier to manage multiple clusters might actually be ideal for what you're trying to do, let people have their own cluster and stay out of each other's data space at least.

I think Slackware has all the non-mainstream issues of Gentoo, but without the advantages Portage brings.

What about on the BSD side of things?

Since your goal is improve scalability on Linux, I think you'd be best focusing on that. There's just enough low-level differences between the two that I'd hate to see you put resources into improving scaling, only to discover it doesn't actually help what you put into production because the platform is too different.

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