Greg Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Unless you did a custom intall, using Ubuntu server would expose the 
> people using your server to the quirks of how the Debian packages for 
> PostgreSQL differ from other Linux distributions.

I doubt we'd be doing much work with the distro-installed version of
Postgres anyway, so this doesn't seem like a big concern.  In fact,
to avoid confusion it might be best if the machine has no
distro-installed Postgres at all.  That would help avoid "oops, that
test was run against the wrong server" syndrome.

I do essentially all my development work with installations that are
--prefix'd to user directories and started/stopped by hand; it's just
a lot easier to manage a pile of different versions that way.  Plus
I never need to become root.  Not sure how other developers work,

                        regards, tom lane

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