Greg Smith wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Jul 2007, Gavin M. Roy wrote:
>> Ubuntu server?  Slackware?  Not a fan of Centos, RHEL or Fedora...
> Unless you did a custom intall, using Ubuntu server would expose the
> people using your server to the quirks of how the Debian packages for
> PostgreSQL differ from other Linux distributions.  I'm not sure whether
> that would be a good (shine some light on that underdocumented area) or
> bad (get in people's way) thing.  The way they make it easier to manage
> multiple clusters might actually be ideal for what you're trying to do,
> let people have their own cluster and stay out of each other's data
> space at least.

for a server like this I don't think anybody cares at all for the
prepackaged postgresql. People are likely to use such a box for
development/testing of new patches and development stuff. so what they
need is a proper toolchain and solid packages. Debian derived
distributions are quite good at that usually (debian etch ships with gcc
3.3,gcc 3.4 and gcc 4.1 for example) and I expect people to simply get
their accounts and do all their work in their home-directories
anyway(which sounds like the normal way to develop on unix like OSes to me).


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