apoc9009 wrote:
> I wish to have an Solution, thadt backup my Database DB wihout
> Datalosses,  without locking Tables, without Shutdown
> and without any User must be forced for logging out (Backup in
> Production State Online without Datalosses).

"Without datalosses" is utopy. For that, you'd need something like
synchronous replication, otherwise you're always going to have a window
where you have something committed in the server, but not yet in the
backup. So it's just a question of how wide that window is, how much
data loss can you live with.

With file-based log shipping, you can get down to 1 second, by using the
archive_timeout setting. It will produce a lot of log files with very
little content in them, but they will compress well.

The record-based log shipping will give you a very narrow window, down
to < 1 second or even less if you're willing to poll the server that
often, but requires some custom development.

I wonder, do you really need such a super real time backup solution,
when you have the remote SAN? Don't you trust that the SAN hardware?

  Heikki Linnakangas
  EnterpriseDB   http://www.enterprisedb.com

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