I wrote:
> There wasn't any discussion of renaming stats_reset_on_server_start,
> though logical consistency would seem to require this if we choose
> a name not starting with stats_ for $merged_var.

Actually ... does stats_reset_on_server_start have a reason to live
at all?  It hardly seems like a behavior that ought to occur on a
routine basis, and anyone who really wants it can remove the pgstats
file manually before starting the postmaster.

Or maybe the problem with it is that it should only zero the event
counters (n_tuples_inserted) and not the persistent state
(n_live_tuples, last_vacuum_time, etc).  pgstats started out as
basically just event counters, but we've allowed a lot of other stuff
to get in there over time.  If we define the variable that way, though,
it really needs a name change.

                        regards, tom lane

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