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> Personally I would favor
>               track_activities
>               track_counts

I would personally prefer the verb "monitor" rather than track. The
chapter in the docs is already called "Monitoring Database Activity".
Sysadmins know their job is about monitoring; I never heard anyone say
"how do we track the database?", nor are there other products that refer
to themselves as "tracking tools".

There has always been a confusion between different kinds of stats, so a
name change is good.

"_counts" sounds like it might have something to do with Select Count(*)
and I can see everybody getting confused between counts and activities.

Can we have these two, please?

monitor_activity = on | off
monitor_command_strings = on | off

[Activities is correct English, though not common usage, as is shown by
the chapter heading in the docs. Most computer people know that an
Activity Monitor will monitor more than one thing at a time and that if
"there has been some activity" then that might mean one or more events
have occurred. It's also easier for non-English speakers if we avoid the

>               reset_counts_on_server_start
Yes, this can go.

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