On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Barry Lind wrote:

> There are actually a couple of reasons why the jdbc driver can't do this:
> 1) The client doesn't know that the column being deleted is a blob.  All
> it can know is that the data type of the column is oid.  Oids can be
> used for many reasons, one of which is blobs.  The code can't assume
> that just because a column is of type oid that it represents a blob.

I'm thinking that it should be possible to create some kind of
compatability mode for the driver. If you knew for sure that you we're
only using OIDs for BLOBs, then that assumption would be safe (?). Would
something like that be possible to create, or am I missing something
Of course, this could add too much complexity to the driver.

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