I actually consider the biggest problem the fact the the 'official' 
postgres jdbc website is very much out of date 
(http://jdbc.postgresql.org).  (it doesn't even have the 7.1 drivers). 
I feel that either someone needs to maintain this page; or someone needs 
to create a new website and get the jdbc.postgresql.org DNS entry to 
point to the new site, or the page should just be decommisioned.  At 
this point I think it is doing more harm than good.


Rene Pijlman wrote:

> Hello,
> I read in comp.lang.java.databases that help is needed with
> development of the JDBC driver. Can someone please provide some
> pointers to what needs to be done?
> What are the open issues? Is it JDBC 2.0 compliance? PostgreSQL
> 7.1 support?
> I've seen a lot of postings about BLOB problems, and
> JDBC-standard BLOB support is on the overall todo list
> (http://www.postgresql.org/docs/todo.html). Is that still open
> for development? Is there anyone who has already looked at
> JDBC-standard BLOB support? If so, what are the challenges and
> complications?
> I can't promise anything yet, but I'll certainly consider
> helping with PostgreSQL/JDBC development. I'm fluent in Java and
> have developed a database driver before (for Oracle in a
> proprietary product). I'm about to spend quite a lot of time on
> developing a web application in Java on top of PostgreSQL, so I
> certainly have an interest in good JDBC support.
> If you're not a developer but a user of the driver, what are
> your current complaints or wish list items?
> Regards,
> René Pijlman
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