On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Barry Lind wrote:

> Anders,
> What aspects of BLOB support do you consider broken?  Are these aspects
> that are broken in the JDBC layer or are 'broken' at the server layer?

Now I've looked at the code and located the problem:

The method setBinaryStream(...) in PreparedStatement always assumes that
it's a BLOB that we want to write, but it should really be able to write
any kind of field. It should for instance be possible to write a VARCHAR
from an InputStream, but currently you will end up with an integer (the
OID) in the field instead of the data.

I was first surprised to find that getBinaryStream(...) in ResultSet
*does* support both BLOBs and ordinary values, but then realized that it
can do this because it knows the type of the field. In PreparedStatement
nothing is known about the fields.

I'm not sure where this problem belongs. It is not impossible for the JDBC
driver to find out about the field types, but it may be slow to do so.


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