GUC is how this type of stuff is controlled on the server, but I don't 
know of any examples where it controlls client only functionality.  Why 
would you want parameters on the server that the server doesn't use?


Bruce Momjian wrote:

>>If people feel that backwards compatibiliy is important I would suggest 
>>it be done in the following way:
>>A new connection parameter named 'compatible' be defined whose default 
>>value is 7.2 (i.e new functionality).  But you could set compatible=7.1 
>>to revert back to the old functionality.  (This is how Oracle deals with 
>>similar issues in its code base).  This parameter could then be set 
>>either in the JDBC URL (i.e. 
>>jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432:template1?compatible=7.1) or passed 
>>explicily in the connect() method.
> GUC seems to be the way to control these things.  It can be set in
> postgresql.conf and via a SET command.

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