Alvaro Herrera writes:

> - adds .y files to gettext-files in backend/  gram.y contains
>   several translatable messages that are not catched by update-po unless
>   the gram.c file is generated.  I don't know if this is desirable but I
>   think it's better to have to gram.y file processed.
>   Maybe this part of the patch could be left out (it's the first,
>   trivial chunk).

It's better to make the distprep target a prerequisite of the "find" rule,
so that it really finds all the files in their final form.  There are some
circular dependencies that I'll need to sort out.  Consider it taken care
of, though.

> - makes more translator-friendly the messages in gram.y, because a lot
>   of them are only a keyword away of being equal.  This avoids having
>   the translator process the same thing several times.

Looks OK.

> - adds a couple of comments for the translator (I had to peek at the
>   source code to see what the %s was about, so I guess this is needed).


> Also, I've noted that psql's \h messages are not translatable.  Is there
> a way to make them so?

Yes, I was just about to do that.

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