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Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Patchers,
> Here is a patch related to NLS that
> - adds .y files to gettext-files in backend/  gram.y contains
>   several translatable messages that are not catched by update-po unless
>   the gram.c file is generated.  I don't know if this is desirable but I
>   think it's better to have to gram.y file processed.
>   Maybe this part of the patch could be left out (it's the first,
>   trivial chunk).
> - makes more translator-friendly the messages in gram.y, because a lot
>   of them are only a keyword away of being equal.  This avoids having
>   the translator process the same thing several times.
> - adds a couple of comments for the translator (I had to peek at the
>   source code to see what the %s was about, so I guess this is needed).
> Also, I've noted that psql's \h messages are not translatable.  Is there
> a way to make them so?
> I have the backend messages almost done:
> $ LANG= msgfmt -c -v es.po
> 1757 translated messages, 29 untranslated messages.
> I'll submit after I resolve a couple of translations that are not clear.
> -- 
> Alvaro Herrera (<alvherre[a]>)
> "La victoria es para quien se atreve a estar solo"

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