This is a response to several messages:

1) Copyright notice:  I have no problem having this removed, although it
would be nice to credit me somewhere in a comment.

2) I put most of the code in a separate file so that if the patch is
rejected, it's easy for me to maintain a forked copy.  If the patch is
accepted, obviously it can be integrated into an existing file.

3) Multiple -n options:  We need to figure out how this would work, and make
it non-surprising.  Some ideas:

        pg_dump -t t1 -n s2 -t t2 -t t3 -n s4 -t t5

What does that do?  My guess is:

        - Dump table t1 in any schema
        - Dump tables t2 and t3 in schema s2
        - Dump table t5 in schema s4

So now the position of the options matters!  That might surprise people,

        pg_dump -s s1 -t t2

is no longer the same as:

        pg_dump -t t2 -n s1

What about:

        pg_dump -t t1 -n s2

Should that dump table t1 in any schema, and any table in schema s2?

If we can nail down the semantics, I can implement the patch.  The
code is very simple.

4) The -T option (and, one assumes, a corresponding -N option)

If the -T option is considered unknown/risky and would prevent the patch
from going in, we can drop it for now.



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