On Wed, 21 Jul 2004, Bruce Momjian wrote:

> Even though I suggested it, I am afraid this is just too confusing an API.

How about this:

pg_dump -t t1                          -- Dump table t1 in any schema
pg_dump -n s1                          -- Dump all of schema s1
pg_dump -t t1 -n s1                    -- Dump t1 in s1
pg_dump -t t1 -t t2 -n s1              -- Dump s1.t1 and s1.t2
pg_dump -t t1 -t t2 -n s1 -n s2        -- Dump s1.t1, s1.t2, s2.t1 and s2.t2

Basically, no "-t" option means dump all tables.  No "-n" option
means dump all schemas.  If any "-t" or "-n" options are present,
then we only dump the specified tables/schemas.  We also probably
should not warn about missing tables, because it's likely that the
full cartesian product of schemas and tables won't exist.

And we nuke the -T and -N options.



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