Bruce writes: 
> Didn't you and Claudio disagree just a week ago when I asked for some
> Win32 C code to auto-check versions like initdb calling postgres?  That
> was only in one C file ifdef'ed and you thought it was overkill.  Now
> you want to put stuff in every binary directory?  

Magnus and I both thought the auto version check for binaries in the same
directory for win32 was overkill, yes. However, IIRC (and it appears I do:
Magnus stated his opposition whilst also suggesting that we ought to add
win32 versioning to the binaries. As for myself, I am ambivalent towards the
requirement for win32 versioning, and would certainly have been against
using it to solve the auto version check issue.

> Seems inconsistent to me.

There is no inconsistency, as the two requirements are aimed at very
different "issues". It was just the case that one (win32 versioning) was
inadvertently a potential (and rejected) solution to the other (auto version

The question now is simply whether or not this versioning cruft justifies
its existence, presumably for facilitating packaging and installation of
binaries (particularly those that cannot report their version readily, such
as DLLs). I personally certainly have no use for it, and I don't see us
getting the "Designed for Microsoft Windows" tick any time soon, but I have
no doubt that Magnus, in working on the win32 installer, is perhaps seeing
the need in an entirely different light.


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