> >Oh, and for the record, we version libpq.dll on windows in the 7.x.y 
> >manner, and have been doing so ever since we first added 
> win32 support.
> >We can't really back that one down, so we'd need an 
> exception for that 
> >one.
> >
> >
> This one *does* matter, because it's the main library other 
> software depends on. We might have to find some workaround 
> for people who have installed dev versions, but we haven't 
> made an official release yet, so those people are using it on 
> a caveat emptor basis. I really think we need to get this 
> right, and to do so from the start.

The people who have installed the dev snapshot should expect these
things to happen :-) I don't particularly care about those. I do care
about the people who have installed previous versions. The client
library have been available for a long time with this version numbering

My vote is for sticking witht he 7.5.x etc version numbering for the
win32 binaries. I think it's easiest, and that's what win32 programs
generally do. And we can then continue the practice of not bumping
version numbers of the unix shared libs until such a time we might want
to change that behaviour (it might not even be necessary ever..). 


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