Am Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2004 14:46 schrieb Magnus Hagander:
> 2) We'll *have* to start actually bumping at least minor versions
> whenever we change the code in a sharaed lib. Which we don't do now,
> except for libpq. For example, plperl still says 0.0, and plpgsql says
> 1.0. Also, all the conversion procs are at 0.0, and they all build from
> the same rule. That means they all need to get bumped when one of them
> changes. That may be a good idea for unix platforms as well, but it is
> more work during releases that has to be included. Not sure if we want
> to buy into that?

So far we haven't done any versioning on these because nothing checks their 
version.  If you think that now something is going to check their versions, 
then we're going to have to do something about that.  But what will happen if 
they stay at 0 indefinitely?

Peter Eisentraut

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