Magnus Hagander said:

> One more thing I realised - we need two different types of versioninfo
> structures, because one fields tells wether it's a DLL or an app. How
> would you prefer this done - either using $(WIN32VERDLL)/$(WIN32VERAPP)
> (or $(PORTOBJSHLIB)/$(PORTOBJAPP) if we go down that route), or by
> setting another field along FILEDESC called FILETYPE or similar?

I think I would go with PORTOBJ + FILEDESC + FILETYPE for now. ISTM that
gets it clean enough, and it can be revisited later if necessary.

One thing that I think Peter referred to - libraries that we version (e.g.
libpq) in standard Unix major.minor style should probably carry that version
rather than the PostgreSQL version number.



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