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Maybe you don't need to override to_timestamp, and you can just add a new code to the format string that to_timestamp understands, ie 'e' or something or 'u' that means 'unix timestamp'?

Thanks for looking at the code! I know people are really busy now with 8.0.0beta1.

Are you thinking something like to_timestamp(200120400,'unix')? One thing that I was thinking about when looking at the docs is that the other to_ functions (other than to_char) took first a text-based argument, and then the format. This to_timestamp takes (or casts to) a double.

I can see how it might be forward-looking to have two parameters in case we wanted to convert from some other numeric-based timestamp to timestamptz; just change the formatting parameter. Two things come time mind:

(1) I can't think of an instance when someone has asked to convert from some other numeric-based timestamp.

(2) If the day comes when we would want to add another conversion, nothing prevents us from creating it (though retaining the one-parameter version for backwards-compatibility might be a reason against this).


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