Michael Glaesemann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> On Aug 14, 2004, at 6:50 PM, Christopher Kings-Lynne wrote:
>> Maybe you don't need to override to_timestamp, and you can just add a 
>> new code to the format string that to_timestamp understands, ie 'e' or 
>> something or 'u' that means 'unix timestamp'?

> Are you thinking something like to_timestamp(200120400,'unix')?

I didn't see the point of that suggestion either.  People who want to do
this conversion usually want to start with a number, not a string, so
it wouldn't be part of the existing to_timestamp function anyway.

There was however another patch submitted recently that seemed to
duplicate yours functionally but used a different syntax --- I think the
guy had started by looking at extract(epoch from timestamp) rather than

                        regards, tom lane

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