I think that a less confusing way of saying it would be :

 "Generators crash if python version used is 2.4.x and it is compiled
with asserts.
 Currently only known linux distributions to distibute such python.so
 files are Fedora and possibly other RedHat distributions, while
Gentoo, Ubuntu and Suse are OK.

Ubuntu ships 2.4 I don't know about SuSE. 2.4 has been out for sometime and it would be a mistake to assume that we won't run into this.

People who are "developing" in Python are going to run 2.4 because it is the latest stable release of the language.


Joshua D. Drake

If you need to use generators on such a platform, compile your own python from source and make sure that configure uses your version."

I think the patch should be commited so we can collect data about where
else the buggy version of python exists.

And if some buildfarm machines start crashing, python should be fixed


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