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 I think that a less confusing way of saying it would be :
  "Generators crash if python version used is 2.4.x and it is compiled
with asserts. Currently only known linux distributions to distibute such
 files are Fedora and possibly other RedHat distributions, while
 Gentoo, Ubuntu and Suse are OK.

Ubuntu ships 2.4 I don't know about SuSE. 2.4 has been out for sometime and it would be a mistake to assume that we won't run into this.

Sure, but it is known problem and there is patch for this bug. In the documentation we can clearly state that python2.4 with asserts enabled causes problem and describe how it can be tested and fixed (regardless of distribution used).

As an example of absurdity of this problem: let's assume there is known distribution with buggy gethostbyname(). Fact, that we know about this, shouldn't stop us developing TCP/IP applications. Especially, if there is also patch for this bug :)

It would be real shame to prevent using generator for SETOF functions because it is most natural match for plpgsql's "return next"

Sven Suursoho

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