Zdenek Kotala wrote:
> Attached patch removes pg_dump dependency on postgres.h. The main reason 
> for that was discussed there:
> http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-hackers/2007-10/msg01261.php
> This fix contains several steps:
> 1) I removed sugar word from postgres.h and put them closer to consumer 
> :-). I created include/catalog/genbki.h which contains sugar words - macros 
> for correct catalog data processing. All catalogs file now include this 
> header.

What's the point of this?  I don't see what difference it makes from the
current situation.  In particular I don't see it being included in any
new place.

The other two changes seem to be what was discussed:

> 2) I moved SEQ_MAXVALUE and SEQ_MINVALUE macros from sequence.h to 
> postgres_config_manual.h
> 3) I created two new headers pg_type_fn.h and pg_proc_fn.h and I moved all 
> extern function definition from related headers into them.

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