Zdenek Kotala wrote:
Attached patch removes pg_dump dependency on postgres.h. The main reason for that was discussed there:


I found two problems there. One is that I forgot postgres.h include in common.c. it is easy to fix. However second problem is more complicated. dumputils.c calls ScandKeywordLookup function which is defined in keyword.c. :(

I currently see two possible variant:

1) Put list of RESERVED keyword into dumputils and use bsearch for lookup. It is easy to implement but it will be difficult to keep synchronize these two list together.

2) Modify gram.y to generate parse.h which will be friendly for backend and can be used in keyword.c. Probably add some ifdef ...

3) Put following fake into keyword.c before include "parse.h" line. It is easiest way.

#define YYLTYPE void*
#define YYSTYPE void*

        Comments or any ideas?


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