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Alvaro Herrera wrote:

3) Put following fake into keyword.c before include "parse.h" line. It is easiest way.
#define YYLTYPE void*
#define YYSTYPE void*
New version of patch is attached. I selected variant 3 as a best solution. Patch also fix some other postgres.h dependencyin another tools such as pg_controldata, pg_config. The last unfixed tool is pg_resetxlog which deserves own patch.
Humm, but YYLTYPE is defined in gramparse.h (and as a different type)
...  Also, I see that if you define YYLTYPE then you don't need
YYLTYPE_IS_DECLARED as well.  Also I don't see any TYPE_IS_DECLARED
here.  What I'm thinking is that this patch is not very portable :-(
Thanks you for your comments.

You are right, define YYLTYPE and YYSTYPE is enough to skip union/structure definition. I think, data type is not important for this purpose, but use int instead of void* seem good idea. It will be synchronized with gramparse.h.

What do you mean "not very portable"? What could be problem there?

I'm not sure.  My point is that it seems your parse.h requires
TYPE_IS_DECLARED, but mine doesn't.  What else could be lurking in there
that requires a specific fix?  In order to avoid that, it would be
better if there was a solution to the problem along the lines of #2 you

TYPE_IS_DECLARED was my mistake. It should be YYSTYPE_IS_DECLARED. It works because YYSTYPE is also defined and #ifdef checks both. Copy and paste :( error. Sorry for confusion. I'm going to send new version.


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