Tom Lane wrote:
Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Zdenek Kotala wrote:
What do you mean "not very portable"? What could be problem there?

I'm not sure.  My point is that it seems your parse.h requires
TYPE_IS_DECLARED, but mine doesn't.  What else could be lurking in there
that requires a specific fix?

The "portability" axis of concern here is portability across different
versions of bison.  ATM I believe we work with everything from 1.875 up,
and I'd be loath to give that up.

I concur with Alvaro that this feels like a kluge rather than a
permanent solution.

But, if you look into gramparse.h it also redefine YYLTYPE for own purpose. It is similar mechanism. However YYSTYPE definition generates different storage for base_yylval. It could be problem with some compiler/linker. :(

Unfortunately, I don't see any solution with modification gram.y (I'm not bison hunter).

Another solution is what ecpg does. It has own modified copy of keyword.c. But it will require to keep it synchronized. Or if we put parentheses around all columns we don't need keyword.c. It also fix a problem with old dump file when we introduce new keyword in the future.


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