Tom Lane wrote:

Well, the question is still "where is the optional info going to go?"

I think what I'd find nice looking is

        $ psql test
        psql 8.4devel  [ server version warning here, if needed ]
        [ line with SSL info here, if needed ]
        Type "help" for help.

I do feel that the help statement ought to be on its own line;
the other way is going to look cluttered, particularly as soon
as there's a version warning in there.

O.k. I am not trying to start an argument here but... I already sent 6 revisions of this patch that received comments and had thorough review via Alvaro. I even took into account Tom's original comments from the previous thread.

This much effort on something so simple makes it not worth the effort in the first place.

Bruce with respect the only useful thing I have seen you do to the patch in all this wrangling is realign the \? General options and frankly even that is suspect in my opinion. Can we either throw it away and say, "Nice try JD" or just commit the thing.

Joshua D. Drake

                        regards, tom lane

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