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Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > Bruce with respect the only useful thing I have seen you do to the
> > patch in all this wrangling is realign the \? General options and
> > frankly even that is suspect in my opinion. Can we either throw it
> > away and say, "Nice try JD" or just commit the thing.
> Your patch is getting the same review any other patch would have.  If
> you want someone else to apply it I will stop working on it.

I am not asking you to not review the patch. I am asking you to be
productive in doing so.  Your review of this patch is basically, "Even
though there were two very long threads with several (on the greater
side of several) different people contributing feedback, I think I know

That behavior is frustrating, especially when I took an extreme amount
of effort to address all concerns ahead of the actual commit fest. I
wanted to make sure the patch would be easy to review and easy to
commit. If I thought I was going to have to have the argument all over
again, I just would have left the first submission as it was and then
we could have burned all the time during commit fest only.

Now Alvaro, Tom and I are all having the same discussion all over again
but this time with Bruce. It makes no sense.


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