Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> O.k. I am not trying to start an argument here but... I already sent 6 
> revisions of this patch that received comments and had thorough review 
> via Alvaro. I even took into account Tom's original comments from the 
> previous thread.
> This much effort on something so simple makes it not worth the effort in 
> the first place.
> Bruce with respect the only useful thing I have seen you do to the patch 
> in all this wrangling is realign the \? General options and frankly even 
> that is suspect in my opinion. Can we either throw it away and say, 
> "Nice try JD" or just commit the thing.

Your patch is getting the same review any other patch would have.  If
you want someone else to apply it I will stop working on it.

  Bruce Momjian  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

  + If your life is a hard drive, Christ can be your backup. +

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