Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Welcome to UI development. There is always *far* more argument of minor matters of appearance than over anything else, in my experience.

Which is a good thing (in this case at least), because otherwise we
would end up with a crappy UI just because a single person thinks it's
"good enough".

This makes me think we shouldn't be hard-coding anything at all
as the welcome message; but rather having a default .psqlrc
in much the same way that that there's a default /etc/bash.bashrc
and /etc/csh.login.

Within that default .psqlrc we can put
   \qecho "Whatever the default message is"
   select "my message "+version();
to create the default, but then anyone with their own .psqlrc
can re-define it to whatever they think is a "good enough" UI.

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