Brian Tarbox kirjutas R, 04.07.2003 kell 15:27:
> I recently took a system from MySQL to Postgres.  Same HW, SW, same data.
> The major operations where moderately complex queries (joins on 8 tables).
> The results we got was that Postgres was fully 3 times slower than MySql.

For each and every query ??

> We were on this  list a fair bit looking for answers and tried all the
> standard answers. 

Could you post the list of "standard answers" you tried ?

>  It was still much  much much slower.

Was this with InnoDB ?

what kind of joins were they (i.e 
"FROM a JOIN b on a.i=b.i" 
or "FROM a,b WHERE a.i = b.i" ?

What was the ratio of planning time to actual execution time in pgsql?

Where the queries originally optimized for MySQL ?


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