> Please understand the limits of how much information a consultant can submit
> to an open list like this about a client's confidential information.  I've
> answered every question I _can_ answer and when I get hostility in response
> all I can do is sigh and move on.

Is there any chance you could show us an EXPLAIN ANALYZE output of the
poor performing query in question?

> I'm sorry if Shridhar is upset that I can't validate his favorite db but ad
> hominin comments aren't helpful.

It was me who gave the comment based upon previous threads which
requested information that had gone unanswered (not even a response
stating such information could not be provided).

The database you describe is quite small, so I'm not surprised MySQL
does well with it. That said, it isn't normal to experience poor
performance with PostgreSQL unless you've stumbled upon a poor spot (IN
based sub-queries used to be poor performing, aggregates can be slow,
mismatched datatypes, etc.).

Output of EXPLAIN ANALYZE of a contrived query representative of the
type of work done (that demonstrates the problem) with renamed tables
and columns would go a long way to helping us help you.

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