On 5 Jul 2003 at 22:54, Martin Foster wrote:
> What I would like to know is.   Why?   The kernel has been compiled to 
> handle the number of concurrent connections, the server may not be the 
> best, but it should be able to handle the requests: PIII 1Ghz, 1GB 
> SDRAM, 2 IDE 20GB drives.
> I have changed settings to take advantage of the memory.  So the 
> following settings are of interest:
>       shared_buffers = 16384
>       wal_buffers = 256
>       sort_mem = 16384
>       vacuum_mem = 32768

As somebody else has already pointed out, your sort_mem is bit too high
than required. Try lowering it.

Secondly did you tune effective_cache_size?


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