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As for creating a new table, that in itself is a nice idea. But it would cause issues for people currently in the realm. Their posts would essentially dissapear from site and cause more confusion then its worth.

No they won't. Say you have a base table and your current post table is child of that. You can query on base table and get rows from child table. That way all the data would always be there.

While inserting posts, you would insert in child table. While qeurying you would query on base table. That way things will be optimal.

Inheritance would work, but the database would essentially just grow and grow and grow right?

Right. But there are two advantages.

1. It will always contain valid posts. No dead tuples.
2. You can work in chuncks of data. Each child table can be dealt with separately without affecting other child tables, whereas in case of a single large table, entire site is affected..

Deleting 100K posts from 101K rows table is vastly different than deleting 10K posts from 2M rows table. Later one would unnecessary starve the table with dead tuples and IO whereas in former case you can do create table as select from and drop the original..



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When I ran EXPLAIN on the views and queries making use of the inherited tables, I noticed that everything worked based on sequence scans and it avoided all indexes. While making use of ONLY kicked in full indexes.

This is even after having created a child table with the same indexes as the parent. Is this a known issue, or just some sort of oddity on my setup?

Tables still cannot be removed easily, but I found a way to work around it for a day-to-day basis. Essentailly I just clean out the tables containing old rows and delete them later. However based on the above, I doubt performance would get any better.

Thanks for the advice however!

        Martin Foster
        Creator/Designer Ethereal Realms

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