Shridhar Daithankar wrote:

I have an idea.

How about creating a table for each day. Use it for a while and rename it. Since you can rename a table in transaction, it should not be a problem.

You can use inheritance if you want to query all of them. Using indexes and foregin keys on inherited tables is a problem though.

That way deletion would be avoided and so would vacuum. It should be mich lighter on the system overall as well.

Tell us if it works.


Generally I won't be pulling 250K rows from that table. It's maintained nightly during the general cleanup process where stale users, rooms and posts are removed from the system. Then the system runs a normal VACUUM ANALYSE to get things going again smoothly.

Once a week a more detailed archiving takes place which runs an all out vaccume and re-index. That's the so called plan at least.

As for creating a new table, that in itself is a nice idea. But it would cause issues for people currently in the realm. Their posts would essentially dissapear from site and cause more confusion then its worth.

Inheritance would work, but the database would essentially just grow and grow and grow right?

BTW, I can't thank you all enough for this general advice. It's helping me get this thing running very smoothly.

        Martin Foster
        Creator/Designer Ethereal Realms

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