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What I would like to know is. Why? The kernel has been compiled to handle the number of concurrent connections, the server may not be the best, but it should be able to handle the requests: PIII 1Ghz, 1GB SDRAM, 2 IDE 20GB drives.

I have changed settings to take advantage of the memory. So the following settings are of interest:
shared_buffers = 16384
wal_buffers = 256
sort_mem = 16384
vacuum_mem = 32768

As somebody else has already pointed out, your sort_mem is bit too high
than required. Try lowering it.

Secondly did you tune effective_cache_size?


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I dropped the size of the sort_mem down to 8 megs. Since I am not swapping to cache at all this should not post much of a problem at that value.

effective_cache_size seems interesting, though the description is somewhat lacking. Is this related to the swap partition and how much of it will be used by PostgreSQL? If I am correct, this should be fairly low?
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