Hi Tom,

I did that when I have stopped my updates.

Now, I am doing updates below is the output of vacuum.
After doing the vacuum verbose analyze, it reported the following :

INFO: vacuuming "craft.dsperf_rda_or_key"
INFO: index "hello242_1105" now contains 1792276 row versions in 6237 pages
DETAIL: 0 index pages have been deleted, 0 are currently reusable.
CPU 0.61s/0.36u sec elapsed 17.92 sec.
INFO: "hello_rda_or_key": found 0 removable, 1791736 nonremovable row versions in 30892 pages
DETAIL: 1492218 dead row versions cannot be removed yet.
There were 0 unused item pointers.
0 pages are entirely empty.
CPU 1.95s/1.99u sec elapsed 26.95 sec.
INFO: analyzing "craft.dsperf_rda_or_key"
INFO: "hello_rda_or_key": 30909 pages, 3000 rows sampled, 93292 estimated total rows


At 10:21 pm -0400 2003/10/18, Tom Lane wrote:
Seum-Lim Gan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Sample verbose analyze:

 VACUUM VERBOSE ANALYZE hello_rda_or_key;
 INFO:  vacuuming "craft.hello_rda_or_key"
 INFO:  index "hello242_1105" now contains 740813 row versions in 2477 pages

So what's the problem? That doesn't seem like a particularly bloated index. You didn't say what datatype the index is on, but making the most optimistic assumptions, index entries must use at least 16 bytes each. You're getting about 300 entries per page, compared to the theoretical limit of 512 ... actually more, since I'm not allowing for upper btree levels in this calculation ... which says to me that the page loading is right around the expected btree loading of 2/3.

regards, tom lane

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