Even better than the four-disk NAS I mentioned earlier is the following:

Promise UltraTrak RM8000. This is a so-called SCSI-to-IDE RAID system.
Basically it's a RAID setup of eight IDE disks, using a hardware RAID
engine, that's connected to (in this case) the PostgreSQL server via a SCSI
Ultra160 interface (!). So the server won't know any better than that
there's a SCSI disk attached, but in reality it's a IDE RAID setup. It
supports RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 5, 50 and JBOD and supports hot-swapping.

Such a NAS config would cost around EUR 3700 (ex. VAT), using 8x40 Gb IDE
disks (7200rpm).

A SCSI RAID-10 setup using 6x18Gb (15000rpm) disks would cost around EUR
6000 (ex. VAT) so it's a big difference...

Does anyone have experience with this NAS device or other "SCSI-to-IDE" RAID
systems? Are they OK in terms of performance and reliability?

Kind regards,

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