Seum-Lim Gan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> vacuum verbose analyze dsperf_rda_or_key;
> INFO:  vacuuming "scncraft.dsperf_rda_or_key"
> INFO:  index "dsperf242_1105" now contains 300000 row versions in 12387 pages
> DETAIL:  3097702 index row versions were removed.
> 0 index pages have been deleted, 0 are currently reusable.

Hm, interesting that you deleted 90% of the entries and still had no
empty index pages at all.  What was the pattern of your deletes and/or
updates with respect to this index's key?

> However, when I check the disk space usage, it has not changed.

It won't in any case.  Plain VACUUM is designed for maintaining a
steady-state level of free space in tables and indexes, not for
returning major amounts of space to the OS.  For that you need
more-invasive operations like VACUUM FULL or REINDEX.

                        regards, tom lane

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