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> I am asking this because a NAS device is much cheaper to set up than a
> couple of SCSI disks. I would like to use a relatively cheap NAS
> device which uses four IDE drives (7.200 rpm), like the Dell
> PowerVault 725N. The disks themselves would be much slower than SCSI
> disks, I know, but a NAS device can be equipped with 3 Gb of memory,
> so this would make a very large disk cache, right? If this NAS would
> be dedicated only to PostgreSQL, would this be slower/faster than a
> SCSI RAID-10 setup of 6 disks? It would be much cheaper...

The big concern would be the network connection, unless you are going
fiber.  You need to use _AT LEAST_ gigabit. _at least_.    If you do
go that route it'd be interesting to see bonnie results.  And the
other thing - remember that just because you are running NAS doesn't
mean you can attach another machine running postgres and have a
cluster.  (See archives for more info about this). 

I suppose it all boils down to your budget (I usually get to work with
a budget of $0). And I mentioned this in another post- If you don't mind
refurb disks(or slightly used) check out ebay - you can get scsi disks
by the truckload for cheap. 


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