On 21 Oct 2003, Will LaShell wrote:

> On Tue, 2003-10-21 at 08:40, scott.marlowe wrote:
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> > So that brings up my question, which is better, the Perc4 or Perc3 
> > controllers, and what's the difference between them?  I find Dell's 
> > tendency to hide other people's hardware behind their own model numbers 
> > mildly bothersome, as it makes it hard to comparison shop.
> Perc4 has n LSI 1030 chip
> http://docs.us.dell.com/docs/storage/perc4di/en/ug/features.htm
> Perc3
> depending on the model can be a couple of things but I think they are
> all U160 controllers and not U320

Thanks.  I googled around and found this page:


Which says what each model is.  It looks like the "RAID" controller they 
wanna charge me for is about $500 or so, so I'm guessing it's the medium 
range Elite 1600 type controller, i.e. U160, which is plenty for the 
machine / drive number we'll be using.  

Has anyone played around with the latest ones to get a feel for them?  I 
want a battery backed controller that runs well under linux and also BSD 
that isn't gonna break the bank.  I'd heard bad stories about the 
performance of the Adaptec RAID controllers, but it seems the newer ones 
aren't bad from what I've found googling.

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