> Correct the 75% of all hits are on a script that can take 
> anywhere from 
> a few seconds to a half an hour to complete.    The script 
> essentially 
> auto-flushes to the browser so they get new information as it arrives 
> creating the illusion of on demand generation.

This is more like a streaming data server, which is a very different beast
from a webserver, and probably better suited to the job.  Usually either
multithreaded or single-process using select() (just like Squid).  You could
probably build one pretty easily.  Using a 30MB Apache process to serve one
client for half an hour seems like a hell of a waste of RAM.

> A squid proxy would probably cause severe problems when 
> dealing with a 
> script that does not complete output for a variable rate of time.

No, it's fine, squid gives it to the client as it gets it, but can receive
from the server faster.

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