Javascript is too powerful to turn for any random web page. It is only
essential for web pages because people write their web pages to only
work with javascript.

Hmm... I respectfully disagree. It is so powerful that it is impossible to ignore when implementing a sophisticated app. And it is not dangerous to the user so long as they have a popup blocker. Commercially, I can ignore the people who turn it off, and I can gain a huge benefit from knowing that 95% of people have it turned on, because it gives my users a hugely better experience than the equivalent XHTML only page (which I deliver, and which works, but which is a fairly depressing experience compared to the JS enabled version).

It is _amazing_ how much crud you can take out of a page if you let JS do the dynamic stuff (with CSS still in full control of the styling). Nice, clean, semantically sensible XHTML, that can be transformed for multiple devices - it's great.

An example:

<a class="preview_link">/previews/foo.wmv</a>

But we want it to appear in a popup when viewed in certain devices.... Easy - Attach an 'onclick' event handler (or just set the target attribute) when the device has a suitable screen & media player, but leave the markup clean for the rest of the world.

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