check this marvelus piece of 5 minutes of work :

Yup. If you go the JS route then you can do even better by using JS to load data into JS objects in the background and manipulate the page content directly, no need for even an Iframe. Ignore the dullards who have JS turned off - it's essential for modern web apps, and refusing JS conflicts absolutely with proper semantic markup. is a good starting point.

Didn't know this existed ! Very, very cool. I have to check this out more in depth.

A note though : you'll have to turn off HTTP persistent connections in your server (not in your proxy) or youre back to square one.

It's clear that this discussion has moved way away from PG! Although in the context of DB backed web apps I guess in remains a bit on-topic...

I find it very on-topic as
- it's a way to help this guy solve his "pg problem" which was iin fact a design problem
- it's the future of database driven web apps (no more reloading the whole page !)

I think in the future there will be a good bit of presentation login in the client...

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